In our laboratory, we are conducting research for demonstrating nano-optical information systems that operate based on the fundamental principles of nanophotonics, which involves interactions between light and matter in a nanometric region. The optical near-field, which is non-propagating light that forms the basis of nanophotonics, induces unique physical phenomena between matter because of its localized nature, and information applications that can be realized by exploiting these phenomena will boast of compactness, high speed, and low energy, which will meet the needs of society and will also serve as new seeds in the construction of a next-generation information society. Our specific research themes are wide-ranging, from the construction of devices and systems that make use of the characteristics of the optical near-field, to elucidating the basic physics governing their functions.


Recent Activities:

2017/06/15  Upcoming    Oral presentation is going to be held at "The 7th Korea-Japan Workshop on Digital Holography and Information Photonics (DHIP2017) [12/19-22, Daegu]" by Assoc. Prof. Tate.
2017/05/24  Paper   Review paper by Assoc. Prof. Tate had been published (N. Tate and M. Naruse, "Nanoscale hierarchical optical interactions for secure information," Nanophotonics, DOI 10.1515/nanoph-2016-0134 (2016)).
2017/04/03  LABO   Yoshiaki Yagi (get into B4) was assigned to TATE LABO.
2017/02/10  Talk    Invited presentation entitled "Nanophotonics-based optical energy conversion for solar cell applications" was held at "4th Japan-Korea Joint Symposium on Advanced Solar Cells 2017 [2/9-10, Kyushu Univ.]" by Assoc. Prof. Tate.
2017/01/14  Paper   Review paper by Assoc. Prof. Tate had been published (N. Tate, "Nanophotonics-Based Self-optimization for Macro-optical Applications," Progress in Nanophotonics 4, pp. 87-122 (Springer, 2017)).

Past Activities are listed HERE