Recent Activities:

2023/09/08  Talk    Invited talk entitled "Performance analysis of spatio-temporal optical reservoir models based on quantum dot network structural features" had been held at "Information Photonics 2023 (IP'23) [9.8-9,New Taipei]" by Assoc. Prof. Tate.  photo 
2023/06/29  Talk   Oral talk entitled "Revelation and analysis of optical phase delay exhibited by Al-doped 4H-SiC due to current induction" had been held at "CLEO/Europe-EQEC 2023 [6.26-30,Munich]" by D. Haoze (M2).  photo 
2023/04/01  LABO   Masamune Taguchi (get into B4) were assigned to TATE LABO.
2022/12/19  Talk   Invited talk and Poster presentation entitled "Recent research activities on optical nano-artifact metrics" and "Fundamental implementation of spatio-parallel optical reservoir computing" had been held at "The 12th Korea-Japan Workshop on Digital Holography and Information Photonics (DHIP2022) [12.19-21,Wonkwang University]" by Assoc. Prof. Tate and A. Nakamura (M2), respectively.  photo 
2022/08/06  Paper   Submitted manuscript by Assoc. Prof. Tate had been published (T. Ohteki, S. Sakai, N. Tate, "Nano-Photonic Metrics: Fundamentals and Experimental Demonstration," Photonics, Vol. 9(8), No. 551, pp. 1-7 (2022)).
2022/04/22  Talk   Oral talk entitled "Quantum Dot Network-Based Reservoir Computing Using Spatio-Temporal Fluorescence Outputs" was held at "Information Photonics 2022 (IP2022) [4/18-22, on-site/virtual]" by Assoc. Prof. Tate.  photo 
2022/04/20  Paper   Submitted manuscript by Assoc. Prof. Tate had been published (N. Tate, Y. Miyata, S. Sakai, A. Nakamura, S. Shimomura, T. Nishimura, J. Kozuka, Y. Ogura, and J. Tanida, "Quantitative analysis of nonlinear optical input/output of a quantum-dot network based on the echo state property," Optics Express, Vol. 30, No. 9/25, pp. 14669-14676 (2022)).
2022/04/01  LABO   Tomoki Ohnuma and Seiya Yamaguchi (get into B4) were assigned to TATE LABO.

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