Development of high-level nano-optical security systems:

As Japan prepares for large-scale international events such as the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and the 2025 Osaka Expo, development and dissemination of security technology that guarantees safe and secure social life are ubiquitous and urgent research tasks. Along this theme, we will perform research and development of nano-optical metrics, which constructs a new security layer that function based on nano-optics, in addition to the existing physical security layer that includes watermarks and holograms.

Development of next-generation optical computing architecture:

While parallelization is one simple and effective method of efficient information processing, it is by no means easy to implement parallelization at the architecture level in existing electronics. Meanwhile in the field of optics, light, which is the essential medium, can itself embody spatial parallelism and high dimensionality, and parallel processing is utilized quite routinely. Along this theme, we will develop single-purpose nano-optical architecture for the field of machine learning, in which the realization of large-scale computing systems using parallelization is eagerly anticipated.

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