Dear applicants:

In recent years, research related to optical computers that originated from the invention of lasers in the 1960s has entered a new phase in collaboration with nano / quantum technology on the hardware aspect, and machine learning / AI technology on the software aspect. Our laboratory team is progressing in innovative research on nano-optical information devices and systems to achieve advanced practical functionalities based on the utilization and application of nano-optical technology. Information application with new traits achieved using “light,” which has various physical quantities, such as intensity, wavelength, polarization, and phase, reflects the minute size, high speed, and energy efficiency that meets society’s needs. Furthermore, it serves as a new development for building a next-generation information society. The research themes are outlined on the introduction page, but the contents of specific experiments cover a wide range from proposals and demonstrations of the basic principles of optical devices and systems and their design, construction, and functional evaluation.

To actively promote these investigations, our laboratory team aims to gain further knowledge about light and laser through daily activities and master various skills and expertise related to optical experiments. Moreover, as a part of the characteristics of our laboratory, whose studies cover a wide range of subjects ranging from fundamental physics to the development of devices and systems, we focus on an outlook that can comprehensively grasp the series of layers from physics to devices, architecture, systems, and applications. In addition, we plan to make extensive use of various software required for the examination and verification of each layer.

Many of the activities mentioned above may be attractive to new students or might interest them in the future. We look forward to working with motivated people to conduct exciting and world-leading research!.

If you have any interests to our activities, do not hesitate to contact us.

Naoya Tate  Associate Professor  竪准教授

E-mail: tate[at]